Montag, 8. September 2008

Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st August 2008 Calgary, Blackfoot and meeting wonderful Canadian Bikers

Saturday 30th August 2008
After getting our gear together we search the local BMW-Dealer in Calgary for a warranty check on Babas bike - and we run into the Blackfoot Motorcycle people - a bunch of extremely friendly and helpful people.
And if their support for us would not have been enough - we run into a crowd of friendly and interested bikers, supplying us with all the road and bikeinformation you can imagine.
Outstanding of these great guys by the end of the day is someone - we want to day a very special THANK YOU here and now .
Meeting Tim and with him his wonderful girlfriend Mary-Jane and his bikerfriend George with his gf? Heidi ( with German roots and speaking very good German) we get a warm and wonderful invitation to Tims and Mary-Janes house to stay for the night. Enjoying Georges Margeritas, Heidis Guacamole and Tims cooking its a real highlight for us again .

Sunday 31st August 2008
Sunday morning weather is nothing else than :STAY IN BED ! Pouring with rain at really cold 4 degrees Celsius - we cannot stop Tim and George to put on their raingear and ride with us 200 km along the rainy road to say farewell to us - not without inviting us again and George heading off to get some delicious Jerky beefmeat ( its a smoked meat specialty of the region and yes George - we enjoyed every single piece of it)
All of you four to read this - You are great and special people and Canadas face to us and the world could not be more warmhearted and wonderful than you are - you changed all the Canadian rain into a final sunlight ! And that ride we had seperates men from the boys - you are both real bikers ! Guess you know where you have to come and stay when you are in Germany ;-) ?

Keep the rubberside down !

Hombre and BABA