Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

Sunday 19th October 2008: Mississippi calling - don't ride with a hangover

It's the day after- after New Orleans let the good times roll over you.....
The sun's shining rather blinding than anything else - but no excuses, man !
If you can party, then you can also get back and ride your bike the next day.
I somehow mange to get out of New Orleans by midday - and yep this placeis as packed as yesterday - just the crowd has mover out of Bourbonstreet next to the Mississippi Banks .
It is not easy at all to get the right impression of this city in too short a time being in .
Looking at i t somehow makes you feel like being absorbed in a major touristrap - and I personallylike the tourists to come back to a city that was severely damaged - first by the wellknown Katrina Hurricane effects, and if this had nt been enough just now like all American sites by the thunderous effects of the wallstreetgenerated real estate crisis.
Leaing thebeaten track, walking into quarters where you do noy want to take a camera anymore - that tellls you ways more aboutthe real live behind the fassades of the French Quarter. Academics working off as carwashers for a living, Katrinadamages still affecting many poorer peoles lifes. And poverty overall does not at al llook black only . Travellling Louisiana offers many looks at people living VERY basic lifes - it is not for everybody that the American dream has come true or everwill be.
So back onthe road it's Interstate 10 west towards 55 North- rather a boaring ride if youdid not look at the freeway being build right into the swamps of the mississippi-Delta ll on stilts (Stelzen) what a work this must have been. See a great satelliteview of the Delta by clicking here.
Another short moment of tension was asking my way to a petrol station along Route 51 North - tricky as the roadside canbe i ran into some f the Mississippi swamp area ad almost got stuck in that mud there - once againthatConti pulled me out of he trouble. The hird set of tyres is pretty rundown already - and I guess there will be hardly anything left in New York - but it is still llasting as ever .
So you see nothing much todaybut being to the Mississippi State.
Tomorrow the plans up t he Natchez Trace Parkway, a scenic 440 mile drivef ollowing an old trailroad from Alabama to New Orleans- part of which shall lead me to theBirmingham motorcycle museum ( Lisa and Guy told me not to miss it) tell you more once I am there:-)

Good nite from the Mississippi


Mississippi swamps