Montag, 8. September 2008

Tuesday 2nd of September 2008: A SUNNY RIDE INTO YELLOWSTONE :-)

We almost cannot believe it - that white stuff on our bikes in the morning is not rain anymore - it's ICE !
But the day starts with bright sunshine - at plus 2 degrees celsius and 500 kms to go for Baba to catch up with Hombres 350 from Butte to our meetingpoint in Yellowstone.
I mainly live on hot Chocolates along the way every 100 kms, until at 3 pm it finally starts to get warmer again - but what a scenery across the Highway 90 going east. Terriffic pipehead formed rocks shattered across the hills before Pipestone, just after heaving crossed bearmouthpass at 2200 m with snow right down next to the road. When I finally get to our meeting point at Mammoth Hot Springs a "welcome commitee" of Elks (Hirsche) is waiting right in the center of the little village spot. Finding Hombre again after some more search everything turns out well - especially with bigblue skies above us - feels like we were just in time.

Hombre and BABA (both sooooo happy about the sun )