Montag, 8. September 2008

Wednesday, 3rd September 2008 - Saturday 6th September 2008:Yellowstone and Beartoothpass

Wednesday, 3rd September 2008
Yeah - it was a sunny day ! Yesterday .
Waking up at six o'clock in the morning was no use - rather grey skies and no real light to enjoy Yellowstones unique beauty - after having ridden to the Tower Waterfalls we decide to change plans for the day and take the ride up to the Beartooth pass . As so many bikers had recommended this pass as one of the Top-Ten- Bikeroads in the US we simply do not want to miss its 3240 meter peakpoint. The road up to the pass being closed the day before due to snowfalls it is open today. We get accompanied on the way out by a large herd of buffalo along the road - bringing back the feeling of an untouched nature and past of this stunning country, before man slaughtered and extinguished them from the prairies. To find out more about buffalos (bisons ) please just click it.
A bikers smile returns into our faces riding up the wonderful and rugged pass - and its only when snow and ice on the way down the other side get too dangerous to go on , that we return back into Yellowstone Park into our tent for the night - still happy from the passride and only a little bit wet at the end of that day.

Thursday 4th September 2008

Grey Skies over paradise. Yellowstone is one of Gods special gifts to mankind- no bad weather whatsoever can spoil its unique and uncomparable beauty - facing Artist Point at the Upper and Lower Falls is an experience for a lifetime . Guess that is where the expression breathtaking beauty was born. Adding Old Faithful Geysirs with his reliable 30 m high eruptions, Geusir fields in all changing sulphuric colour variations it is not a fotographers day - but it is wonderful !
Friday 5th September 2008
Wondering why both of us felt a bit chilly at night camping in Madison , we understand better, when we get told that Yellowstone Park was the coldest spot in the US last night. Being situated around 2000 m altitude the night was around 7 degrees minus - quite a good test for the outdoor equipment - and especially for its owners :-) So we do not have to wonder about the thick icelayers on our bikes in the morning. Plenty of stunning and colurful geysirs and mud volcanoes make our day special again - like anyday in that park is a special day.
Lookng at Babas fronttyre Conti TKC 80 is sad news ;-) after 20000 km all over Siberia, Mongolia, the 2000 km really bad dirtroad Amur "Highway" in Far East, Alaskas dirtroads and Canadas rainy highlights - I have to say goodbye to this absolutely reliable and faithful friend - no more rubberlayer being left on most of its surface after riding Beartooth Pass its time for a new front tyre. Never flat, no single problem along all this tough route - that's what keeps the legends about this tyre going on. For us this is the best one in the world - as easy as that - and not due to sponsoring at all!

Saturday 6th September 2008
Time for a goodbye to Yellowstone too- and heading into a somewhat brighter Teton National Park south of Yellowstone ( the entry is included in the Yellowstoneticket ). Passing impressive Mt. Mourain we chance to meet a male and a female moose with their calf, grassing in the middle of a small lake - what a scene !
Sunlight and warmth slowly but surely we ride into a perfect Idaho sunset before we find our Campsite for the nite in Idaho Falls.

Hombre and BABA (cold but happy bikers )