Montag, 8. September 2008

Wednesday 27th - Thursday 28th August Jasper National Park Canada

Wednesday 27th August 2008
Despite all hoping - the lowpressure rainzone stays with us , when we enter Jasper National Park from the northern entrypoint, riding up another 40 km to the esmerald green Maligne lake - which rewards us with a glimpse of sunlight for some minutes - just enough to at least take some pictures and understand some of its beauty.
Back the road we get to Maligne Canyon, a terrific natural artwork, formed by the river cutting extremely deep and steep into the rocksurface - well worth to see.
We spent the night in Maligne wilderness hostel - no showers, pothole toilets and as close to nature as a hostel can be - Jasper is stunning beutiful though hard to show on pics with almost no sunlight to take fotos - some things you have to remember from your heart :-)

Thursday 28 th August 2008
The day starts without rain ! WOW ! Cloudy and overcast though we carry on south into Jasper Park, targeting the Columbia Icefield . On the way we ride through fantastic landscapes full of rugged and steephilled 3000 something meter mountains with Mt. Elliot and its glaciers . Yet we mostly can neither see the mountains peaks we feel the majestic beauty of the scenery . With very gusty winds on the winding road Baba almost gets blown out of an otherwise easy curve - reminding us of the enourmous forces that helped to create this uncomparable scenery of the Canadian Rockies over millions of years. The Columbian Icefield we leave by the way - as even locals feel this place to have been changed in nothing much but a tourist spot - rather taking its beauty away than showing it.
Pics to follow as far as few of them allow to show it at all....

Don't miss Jasper when you get to Western Canada !

Rocky mountain greetings from
Hombre and BABA