Samstag, 4. Oktober 2008

Friday 3rd October 2008 Zion Nationalpark - what a site is this !

From a riding poin of view a sort of slow day only takes the ride on into Zion Nationalpark. But no ride can be too liitle or too long to get to this place. Named after some mormon trail on their way to Utah thy felt to calll it after old Jerusalems Zion it is anothe god's gift to mankind.
But before entering there is a little 5mile deadendtakeoff d0wn Highway 15 from Cedar City into the Kolob canyons - o not miss it when U pass it .
Adding to the intense scenery , when turning round the cures just makes you sigh for the overwhelming beauty of the canyon itself is the encounter with a whole bunch of nice Americans again , amongst them Gerry and his wife from Sal Lake City - while they listened to some of our converstains with thers about the taste of American beers ( sorry for the honesty at this point - but Americanmainstream beers such as Budweiser and thelike are simply bad chemical brews ) they stop on the way down the road seeing he Bike again to invite us for a taaste of rela good American Stonebrew on the next parking lot. Not drinking while driving its aa "sorry but not now" - answered by these wonderful people by getting out some russian beer out of their car for us , and Gerry wife giving me some wonderful beads for goodluck and a special one for Petra to take home.Tahnk you both so much and see you again next time in Utah :-)
While taking some pictures a neat little black and yellowish snake sneaks right through my boots - great feeling guys!
Further down the rodad traffic ges more crowded and dense towards the south entrance of the park - as well as cloudsin the sky start building up again -something not seen for the past 4 weeks and amost forgotten- it looks like rain is coming on , alligned with gusty southernly crosswinds . The campsite in the park are overful with all the weekendcrowds coming in -
but as life goes running into another 650 GS rider solves all problems where to spend the night .
Theres more space for another tent at Nicoles and Stephans site - the two started their ride down the Panamerican Highway in Vancouver 4 weeks ago - travelling 18 months down o Centaral and Sothamerica - of course there is lots to talk that night - and wec elebrate Gerry's Russian Baltika Beer in a very special venue being surrounded from the colourful and steep Zion Canyonwalls.
Find Nicoles and Stephans Blog at
Wishing you all the luck and just as wonderful experiences as we have had them along the ride of change ! Take care and keep the rubberside down !