Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

Thursday 2nd October 2008 - Ride of change meets ET

Leaving Taponah direction Zion Nationalpark in the early morning clouds and chilly winds are the companions for the day while Highway 6 leads east through deserted landscapes. At Warm Springs ( which atually is one and a half houses big- no fuel as you might expect from its size on the map) the pretty lonesome Interstae 375 turns Southeast into a windbeaten desert - leading straight along the "Extraterrestrian Highway" into the famous Area 51 - one of the still undiscovered secrets of the United States history and present.
Being a High security zone its a 50 km dirtroad rite to get to the limits of Area 51 - mainly visible only by a Non Trespassing sign indicating that deadly force is authorized . Which simply means you can b e shot or killed without warning for crossing the sign.
For more infos on Area 51 check here and here.
The more dangerus part on the bike is in fact getting there on a sandy dirtroad, whith heavy side-and crosswinds as well as some sudden and deep sandy patches , that need full concentration not to loose control over the bike.
Its not really worth the trip to get there and definitely not a reason for a long extraway unless you are an Ufomaniac .
Turning back east on the mainroad its km 40000 for the Ride-of-change in Caliente - good enough a reason to think about the past 5 months and what all happened on the long way east.
Mostly worrying in this desert setup is fuelsupply on the way - and fueling up at any occasion is a must if you travel here.
Finally crossing into Utah and ending the day with an ealrly sunset at 6:30 pm in Zedar city after 550 kms its mountain time and one hour closer to hometime again.

Goodnite from Utahdesert

Extraterrestrian Highway

Deadly Force autorized
Area 51 Entrance
in Nevada desert