Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008

Wednesday 1st October 2008: Rolling Rollercoaster Highway 4 - wenn der der Seitenstaender zum Stammgast auf dem Aphalt wird :-)

with an early take off in Angel Camp one of the finest days in motorcycle riding should lie ahead.
Highway 4 East from there through Arnold, Bear Valley an along Big Tree Nationalpark is one of the synonyms for Bikersheaven ! Man - what a ride ! :-) Still grinning big after this great ride while typing the Blog - this road is not only curvy and winding - with it it is steep climbing and descending combined with a twisted and up and down surfing type of roadriding - it takes seconds to make you feel somewhee in between bungee, rollercoaster and surfing paciffic waves - and do not worry about the noise from below. It's your sidestand permanently contacting mother earth :-)
Taking you all the way up to 8732 feet Ebbetts Pass the fun is not yet over when you descent the wonderful, steep and scenic drive ! But pay your attention to that road as awsome it may be - almost no signs indicate the partially exreme steep and narrow turns and you end up easily too fast . and with travelling too fast you will miss some spectacular looks and Siera Nevada scenery alongside the climb up the pass , like Alpine lake or Mosquito Lake, Corrals and many other scenic spots along .
Once down the pass its a right turn up 8214 feet high Monitor Pass on Stateroute 89 East - more fun ahead guys - and just keep wondering , why there is so few Harleys when it comes down to the real bikeroads ;-) just kidding , yes there was one.
Heading further to Zion Nationlapark its a choice of roads to go east - the decision to go thriugh the Wwest Walker River Valley to Yarington and the western shores of Walker turns out to be another good one - taking the tour back into Nevada and to Hawthorne - a gigantic US Army amunition depot in the desert. Sunset ends the say iin a small town on Highway95 in Tonopah.
and the earh fels like its still moving from all the curves and bends...:-)))))))))))))