Samstag, 18. Oktober 2008

Saturday 18th October 2008: Let the good times roll ! There's a moon over Bourbon Street

It's a longrides end into a vibrating place of its own - New Orleans !
It is amazing how the people coped with all the damages from hurricaine Katrina since 2005.
An enormous effort and peoples will to come back have moved a lot - yet a lot is left.
But the tourists come back into town- and with the tourists in the French Quarter the good times roll back into town.
Like it or not- it all depends on your point of view, maybe even on your mood how you feel about the place. You can look at is as a fully comercialized Big Jukebox kind of setup - toss a coin and some jesters will start playing any sort of music for you, sell some whatever voodoo stuff to you, read the future out of the palm of your hand, or some prostitutes will even sell their bodies next to the pizzastand. You can bewonder those Harley"riders" parking their fully illuminated chromepolished "bikes" right into Bourbon Streetto pose for some senseless fotos with all the same looking kind of drunken girls.(Actually I would have loved topark my dirty bike nextto themand just ask them where THEY have ridden) Or you can ignore them while you get swept away by the crowd. You may not like those gay pseudocowboys displaying their miniponys to the crowd. You may hen wonder about horsemounted policemen posing with the tourists and making them sit on their horses while drunken guys next door beat each other up..
Yes you can look at it as those guys up in Texas , telling me that i am going to hit he messy ass.....of the United States down in New Orleans.
Or you may simply dive into all that, leave all cameras and stuff, soak up the vibrating live music rocking out of countless bars, have some wine listening to some of the most gifted Jazz musicians, or simply get the blues while you watch the moon over Bourbon Street dancing the night away....Guess what I did :-)
And by the way up there in Texas - if that is the As.... of the States down here - Its pretty much a nice bump that country has !

Just relax- and maybe you come to see the place yourself

Baba ( still got that )