Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

Friday 17th September: Breakfast in Paris Texas and a flat one in the flatlands

Eastbound 82 takes me into Paris - yeah it's Paris Texas - nice idea to have some breakfast here and see the Texasstyle Eiffeltower - topped with a cowboy hat :-) I just like these Americans...
Maybe I should not have called Texas the flatlands the day before -
so you know what is even flatter than flatlands ? A flatone in the flatlands !
Into a petrolstation to fuel up I feel a sudden loss of control at the frontwheel.
What has never happened on even the worst roads all over Kasachsatan, Mongolia, Siberia and the Far East - there it is. My front tyre is fully flat.
Lucky enough there is some pressured air available at the station ( do not expect this at any of the Amerivan petrol stations, and if there is be prepared to pay up to 1$ for it )
and the air takes me further and far enough 1/4 mile to a smallish car and tyre repair shop- before the tyre runs flat again.
So I feel preety happy to run into a tyreshop and quickly take the frontwheel out, so am I freezing when the guys start working to take the tyre off.
They have never done a Motorcycle tyre before ! And start to work it down with screwdrivers and things alike- just bad enough to fully punch the tube inside.
So I have to stop this quickly and bring out my tyrelevers, taking the tyre off myself.
It's just some punched hole in the tube, quick and easy to fix, so it is to put the tyre back on and the wheel back to the bike.
Those Texas guys where great and nice people nevertheless, just used to fix truck and tractortyres more than bikestuff . Yet they kept warning me with pretty harsh words about Louisiana and especially New Orleans with some rather drastic expressions.
Maybe I will put them on at some later stage....By all means you can feel a pretty strong racism from their words still going on in the South - at least by some of the people- maybe some will never understand that it is ONE world we are living in and have to share - if we like it or not.
Though everything went pretty quick finally I still lost some time this day - so it was "only 450 kms down to Sharavenport City - where I have to find a place to sleep, as night rolls in pretty early now and campsites or RV- Parks get less and less to put up your tent..
Tomorrows heading is New Orleans- so I will have to hit the road early to be in time for the good times...

My final goodnite from Texas flatlands