Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008

Thursday 16th October - Do it the Texasway - welcome to the flatlands and Central time !

Gotta do some mileage , folks. And getting into Texas from New Mexico is the perfect way to do it. Flatlands all over, getting on and off historic Route 66 again ( no its not a miss not to ride it) Interstae 40 takes me further east through Amarillo to freeway 287 southeast. paraleling Red River most of the time.
Fair enough with all the riing the fuelprices almost drop by one dollar per gallon ( not talking about the more ethan 2 dollars differenc for some ripoff gasstations in some of the nationalparks).

Its 650 kms today - time to think about a lot what has happened ever since leaving home- and guess how much that all is.

It looks like a smart decision to let the coldfront pass me on my way tto Santa Fe. I never got really wet and there is sunny skies so far , me riding just at the backside of the front, that moves eastwards towards the coastline.
Auuge and sudden major potthole on the road reminds me of some of the Kasachan roads, so does the senery with endless flat landscapes, just being interrupted every once in a while by some cattlefarming, some potato or cornfields or some oildwells. And to be honest the roads are wayyyyys better than in Kasachstan :-).
So nothing much happens. The speedometer tells me 43.000 kms ( about 27000 miles) since leaving Germany - and tomorrows outlook for another 600 miles to New Orleans send me to bed early - but one hour later than yesterday - as crossing into another timezone on my way east it's only 7 hours timeshift to Germany now. Below just dome impressions of the day.

Good nite from Gainesville (Texas)

Early morning blogwork in the
"New Mexico Middle of nowhere San Jon"
Do the timewarp again :-)
Back to the roaring sixtiesSunset in Cowboy Country