Dienstag, 16. November 2010

The Rosenberg-Special 13-14th of November 2010

Our dearest Jenny, Joe and Alana !

How can we put this very special weekend into words - that we spend together in the extremes of Dachaus cruel history and Neuschwansteins everlasting romantic beauty.

It was Alanas decision during her Paris stay to take us all to Dachaus concentrationcamp history . And may we all be blessed , none of us had to live in this time of human darkness . Yet we could breath and inhale the resposibility of today , to step out on any idea or tendency to bring back racism and intolerance back to the world. It is still there, to blame others for ones own failure in life and find somebody else guilty . And is the the task of the living , to resist and sand up for the rights of those who cannot.

Yet we felt something very special too, when we took our walk through the insane cruelties , symbolized by the enty gate "Arbeit macht frei " - the incredible will and strength of people that could not be broken by the most terrifying means - and thus always left the light of hope behind the barbed wired, colourless darkness of the camp.

We shall never forget -
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So what a contrast this was to wake up the next morning in bright NOVEMBER sunshine in the Allgäu alps in Pfronten :-) Hiking up the Poellat gorge to our immortal Mad King Ludwigs fairytale-castle of Neuschwanstein !

There´s nothing much better to tell it in your words :
"This is the most beautiful place we have ever been to "

Definitely good enough a reason to come back in summer for a longer stay ! We promise there is more to it !

We met each other on a very special day in Alaska , made ends meet in New York and closed the friendship circle in Germany - This exactly is, what makes travelling so unique . Its all about friendship - and our house will always be your house. Come back anytime - you are so welcome !

your friend BABA