Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

May 2013 Expect the Party – get your engines ready for Rock´n´Roll again !

Time for new plans . My back is back to old strengths and its time to look properly forward .
And what could be better plans than celebrating life itself together with friends ?
In Februarry I went to listen to one of the bands , that deeply influenced my musical feeling about rockmusic , being one of the best bands in the rock universe ever : Uriah Heep !

Being one of the top acts of the time together with Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd there was nothing much close to these bands in the early 70s, So while I missed them then for being too young for their live acts , I hardly miss them these days. Actually next will be 26th of October featuring Deep Purple c special guest Peter Frampton in Regensburg together c my friend Domingo.
As unexpected as surprisin` was their support act “Radio Haze” .
These 3 young gentlemen from Bavaria Germany really rocked the place with songs of their own, showing influence from good old Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Doors crossing seamless over into latest rockinfluences like Wolvemother and others more

Chatting with these excellent musicians about their music partially created the idea to celebrate a major party with friends in my beloved alpine mountains. Well partially , as there is other plans growing in my travelling mind again...

Short way from the idea to realizing it was to talk with Fred,the landlord of the “Ostlerhütte” in Pfronten, Bavaria and to put up the settings for the band and friends to stay and play a night of rockmusic in the Alps from Friday , the 11th up to Sunday 13th of October 2013.

All friends will get their email, what´s app and textmessages soon for details.
Joining people across nations and origins is one of my personal messages from travelling . Sharing time with friends and family as much as going back to the horizons again . I thoroughly look forward to meet you folks up there .

For all the bikers we go to meet on Friday 11th at my place at Pfronten, where I will book an additional flat for all , who have a longer trip to get to Pfronten. Weather allowing we will rock the area for a decent and relaxed biketrip on the nearby alpine passes and valley – and enjoy some biker beers after with a maybe long night after riding .

Saturday will be a hike up to the Cottage for a ll who enjoy , anybody else not kean for hiking may choose the cablecar up , where we will meet to party and rock the Berg :-)

So ladies and Gentlemen – get your engines ready for Rock´n´Roll !!

BABA rocking the mountains again !