Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Ride-of-Change-2012 - FINALLY BACK EAST -The Magnificent Seven !


What makes the difference from travelling to just ride around the world is what happens after you come back home. Is it just landscapes and pictures that fill your memories - or is it the people of this world to keep in touch, to meet each other again. By emails, letters , sending each other small gifts and memories, thank yous for what often only was possible by the friends from the road. We would never have made it without these wonderful people all around the world.

And so the story goes with our Siberian "CERBERUS" Bikerfriends. Keeping in touch ever since SHEM & friends  finally get on their long planned trip west to Ucraine and Moldavia-

And there was no single doubt about , when Shem asked me to travel to Ucraine and Moldavia  to meet each other at the bykefest in Kishenev.

Next step was to check the map, make plans with Petra and my hospital work - and to call really great friennds in Germany and Belgium - to see if they would join in for 4000 kms in 10 days.

Guess how big my second surprise was , when after 2 days we formed a bunch of 7 bikers to travel all the way through Czech, slovakian mountains, Hungary, the Romanian Carpaty mountains , Moldavia and back through the Ucranian side of the Carpaty mountains , Slovakia and Austria. The MAGNIFICENT 7 is "Cowriders"Sonja and Alois on their 100 GS, Hatt the "God of Hellfire" on his 1200 GS, Nico "The Romanian Carpaty wolf", Herbert "The Belgium Longrider" on his 1200 GS,  Heinrich"The Red Bullrider" on his 1200GS, Gerd "The Guzzi Trucker" on his incredible Le Mans Guzzi - and BABA on his "Almighty" 1150 GS.

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We will leave around the 14th of May to get to Kishenev on the 18th, party hard for 3 days with Shem, Irina, Julya and all our Kemerovo friends and then travel back to be home again round the 25th of May.

Preparing for the trip we found out that my front tyre would exacty match Heinrichs rear tyre - so I promised him to change mine lat weekend to bring it to Munich , so he could put it on his GS. What I did not expect was the MINUS 25° Celsius out in the unheated workshop .

So after I freed the gates off the snow it was a pretty unique and new experience to undo front and reartyre in a state of "shockfrozen" - each tool felt like it had just been imported from the southpole -whaaaah that was COLD ! But finally all´s done and the new tyres for the trip I will put on this weekend.

So be prepared - 
for some exciting stories from
to be continued soon !

BABA  - who cannot wait to hit the road east again :-)