Montag, 26. März 2012

Babas Berlin Birthday :-)

Howdy folks and friends -

just ashort birthday not and an even bigger THANK YOU to all congratulations from all over the place - makes it somehow easier too ;-) - but as long as getting older means to add another good biker year with friends around - nothing wrong with it !

Having my bikes taken apart in pieces this years birthday rallye went to celebrate spectaculr 3 days with Petra in Berlin - summing up 3 splendid and sunny spring days with the terrific performance of the Blueman Group as much as a spontaneous grooveperformance with the widely unknown "Ruperts Kitchen Theatre" - playing live in the middle of a pedestrian crossining right in front of the `Brandenburger Tor´ with the cowd dancing over the croosing rather than walking ! These and many more good vibes made Berlin from Kreuzberg to the City Centre a great place to meet again-

Enjoy some small impressions - and expect more news on the Moldavia and Ucraine trip in May to come up soon .



Birthday Baba -

not getting an older - just a better biker !