Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012


Dear friends and bikers -

got back home from 2012 BMW MOTORRAD DAYS in Garmisch Patenkirchen .

Being with our friends Hatt Sommer, Thida, Gerd and Nico of the Hattech Team, Alois and Sonja and the great fellows Jörk and Stefan from BMW Dreews was as good as meeting Thorsten Rath and the Continental Crew, Stephan Fritz and his wife as well as Karin and Siegried Orendi and my magic tyresupporter Franz Wohlfarth. And not to forget the wonderful team of the German Automobile Club ADAC , who we met as very special and supporting people next to the Hattech Shop.

It could and should have been a great biker venue . and I guess in most aspects it was for most.

Expect a very unusual story of 30000 visitors, a vast majority  of them on BMWs GS Bikes, and what maybe makes the difference from selling and owning a motorcycle to living a biker´s spirit...

Details to come soon ...