Freitag, 26. September 2008

Friday 26th September 2008: Highway 1 back to San Francisco- close the loop

One more legend to go we head north from Cambria onHighway 1 - the famous coastal higway along the Pacific. We wind us all along the coastline, facing sealions as well as pelicans along the beaches - and typical for the late summer - quitesome fog moving in and out the coastline, getting more and more dense towards Monterey. Not only is it blocking your sight and takes all the visibiity down to a minimum - worse even it gets icycold with the fog creeping in almost anywhere , unlike rain that peels off at he surface when you hit it.
So we take a break in Montrey to warm up with some seafood and some hot drinks on the waterfront.
As tasty as the food is - the desert is a bitter parking ticket from an useless monterey parkwarden on Petras bike. Standing in line with 10 other bikesand blocking nobody it is just one of the useless moneyraising Citycouncil tickets to support local townfunds- the same crap all over the place !!
The wellknown 17 miledrive off Monterey is as foggy as anywherte- so we decide to leave it for this time and take on our trip up the coast towards Frisco. Petra is not only a good but just as much a prettyt tough rider - I guess a lot of guys would have complained about some pretty long, windy and foggy ride like this- she is simply taking it - yet we decide to give us a break just 60 miles before Frisco runing too far into the night and get back only in the morning rather than pushing it too far.

Tired but happy

Highway 1 impressions

Out of the fog....