Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013


Hombre is back, Baba is back ....and the summer´s ahead !

Our dearest friends  :-) Sorry for being off for such a long period this time .
But guess and read more about the reasons in the recent past.

"But more than into the past , I am interested in the future - that is where I will live in..."

referring to the famouus words of Albert Einstein I promise some really exciting news anout overlanding, that gets into your blood, a wild bunch of bikers heading east again to work their way through Romanian mud and dust, why even Harley Davidson can affect an Offroadbikers life, and what all this will have to do with the German soccer National team and  50!smiles aound the world ?!

Details to follow soon, once I got my Internet back working properly...

"Ships in the harbour are safe - but that is not, what they were made for. "

Neither was I :-)


Good nite to all from BABA

and my forever best friend Hombre