Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Wild East(er) - when the snow will go ?

Well not really back east by this time of year -

as winter seemed to be endless in Germany this year and all over the place - whenever I tried to pull out the bikes from the barn some more of the white snow stuff came down from cold winterly heavens - pulling the bikes away from salty streets and icy roads....

So as everybody cancelled their Easter Holiday bike travelling plans to the Italian side of the Alpes due to rather pooor bike conditions we ended up in some terrific "substitution parties " at Domingos and Martinas place in Regensburg and Sonjajs and Allas farm in Petting nearby  the Waging lake .

And bikers know how to party hard ...great time with great people on either side of Bavaria - not so much made to recover - but great to meet friends again and  think about new travel plans once the


Don´t give up - summer must be somewhere