Montag, 18. August 2008

Friday 15th August - Sunday 17th August: Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs and back

Leaving Denali Park on Friday takes us some 250 km ride up to Fairbanks on the perfectly paved Northern Parks Highway , only to go on from there another 100 kms to the Chena Hot Springs ( Man , after 25000 tour kilometers on this tour so far , our necks, backs and shoulders cannot get enough from the warm sulphursourced waters and massaging jets - just the somewhere around 200 kg sized masseuse kept us from asking for a massage . How sad , as she even offered "Russian Style" massaging. But our fears of getting seriouslly retraumatized after having survived the treestory beat the longing for relaxing our muscles.
In addition we find an absolutely wonderful little campsite surrounded by a crystalclear little creek and a moose walking through in the morning- so we enjoy a second day up there including a visit to the local Icemuseum before we had back to Fairbanks on Saturday afternoon - and we tell you that it was not easy - but riding home we managed to get soaked three times by the same bloody raincloud !!!!

Yet the day ended happy enough for us, running into a cosy and welcoming travellers place at Billies Hostel in Mack Boulevard- a good place to spent today as well waiting for the rainclouds to move off and complete the Blog again from the Fairbanks Visitors Center - this closing soon I will end the blog now, leaving you with the information we will be heading towards Fox tomorrow and towards the dirtroadtyped Top-of-the-world-Highway towards Dawson and Whitehorse . As I do not know yet about availibility of mobile phone or internetconnections just do NOT worry if you will not get some news for a couple of days from now on.

Cheers from Fairbanks for now

Hombre and BABA (who really needs to get off this chair now after many hours of typing)

Campsite Chena Hot Springs

Dishwasher or Golddigger ?

Ice MuseumI

Ice Museum II

Chena "transport"