Montag, 18. August 2008

Wednesday,13th August -Thursday 14th August: Denali National Park

Starting rather late after spending some breakfast time with our Alaskan neighbours on the campsite we head the final 50 kms towards Cantwell and enter the Denali National Park - there is ways to much to tell about this fantastic site to all put it up here in the Blog now - so for all of you interested please feel free to collect more information about the park here under Denali National Park .

Who has never seen the magical pictures of Mt. Mc Kinley as the crown juwel of the Alaskan Range - not mentioning the impressive wildlife and natural habitat of a unique flora and fauna.
Fortunately plans in the 1920s of the last century to built a wide and paved road into the park were given up due to intense naturists protesting, thus saving the park from Yellowstone and Yosemite destinies. Basically only a system of shuttle busses on a 90 mile dirtroad takes people into the park and out.
We stayed at a decent campsite, due to the fact we could not do reservations in time we had to use the vacancies on the first Mc Reilly Campsite - which is not that deep inside the Park as the Savage camp, but nevertheless an ok location to start off our early morning 5:30 am shuttlebustour.
We're lucky guys again - picking Mike not just as a busdriver, but as a profound knowledgesource about gamewatching and wildlife - so with the early ride we manage to see 10 Grizzly-,Brown- and Blackbears including their cubs, caribou, moose, dall sheep,fox and Golden Eagles. Wolves, lynx, marmots, and snowshoe hares we do not see, but are just as well part of the parks fauna.
After we were followed by the rain cloud last night we are fully happy to find a sunny day while travelling onwards towards Mt. Mc Kinley. Denali is the Athabascan term for Mt. McKinley, meaning “the high one.” A name that is easily understood aprroaching the foot of this 6195 m high impressive giant.
(We apologize for not putting pics on right now , but the public PCs of the last week would not allow accessing our sd-cards)
So one in 5 visistors and this only in early July are supposed to see the southern and northern twinpeaks of Mt. Mc Kinley without cloudcoverage - what a happy two German bikers we are to see its beauty both uncovered in bright sunshine ! Breathtaking sounds like a good expression to describe it.
We end a long but wonderful busride with a big grin on both our faces - Alaska is a wild and wonderful place to go !

Denali impressions

Denali impressions II

Mt Mc Kinley 6195 m