Freitag, 19. September 2008

Friday 19th September : Kings Canyon California

Camping the night in Kings Canyon we get up early in the morning to catch the sunlight in the Canyon - often missed we feel Kings Canyon to be a very peaceful and far less crowded place to visit than many others - and well worth the visit .
Getting out through Giant Seqouia National Park with its unique giant trees takes us down to the US Road 245 heading southwest in neverending , sometimes pretty tricky curves through Pinewood, Badger, Auckland to Woodland and Visalia. Biking at its best again !
Where does this idea come from, that it is all straight roads in the States ? That is your very own fault and choice to miss roads like these.
From Visalia its down bypassing Bakersfield and heading east towards Barston- falling fast asleep after a long day riding some of the most scenic routes a biker can get on.

This is just some of the impressions we had of many more - not many words but the pictures instead.

Enjoy - Baba ( sttill dreaming of these endless curves on 245 )