Donnerstag, 18. September 2008

Thursday 18th September 2008: Oakhurst to KingsCanyon - Backroads folks , that is where the fun is !

Out of Oakhurst we just cannot imagine to leave these wonderful and curvy mountain roads of Yosemite towards a freeway - meaning we take off for some really lonesome backcountry roads along the mountains foot, leading us all along "worldfamous"little villages and cities such as North Fork, Friant, Bass Lake, Tollhouse and Squaw Valley towards the eastbound route to Kings Canyon. Hardly ever meeting any traffic there is just as few roadsigns as people on the streets to ask for the way. and these everwinding curvy roads ending up in nonsigned t-junctions in the fields leave you pretty much alone with orientation . But what a ride is that - teaching as mad for a newbie on the bike and yet scenic through golden yellowish cornfields winding slowly up into Kings Canyon.
Whilst getting to the Canyon itself is a pleasure - so is Kings Canyon . Often let out by many viistors for not being right on their way it would have been such a miss not to go there.
We both enjoy the ride as much as the scenery in a rather deserted National Park compared to many others - do not miss it when you come close.

...that's where the fun starts !
How small we are....walking INSIDE a
Giant Seqouia tree !

Bikers Sunset at Kings Canyon