Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Tuesday 16th to Wednesday 17th of September : Into Yosemite Nationalpark

Bright and sunny is the day that takes into Yosemite Park along Highway 4 and 120 = and I am so positively surprised about Petras riding the Honda Shadow.

I almost cannot believe I litteraly pushed her over the yard in Germany just 5 months ago onmy Dakar, S smooth and well she is riding with the roads beyond Stockton towards Yosemite getting more and more curvy, finally taking us into Yosemite for the afternoon - Thanks also verymuch to her driving teachers at the Fahrschule Graf in Augsburg/Germany - especially for training and taking her along after having passed her drivingexam - you have done a great job!
Getting out of the park along Highway 41 Soth we spend the night in Oakhurst on our way to Kings Canyon and Seqouia Nationalpark.
2 splendid days in Yosemite pass by quickly- leaving us with impressions neither words nor picures can really catch - yet enjoy some of yosemites beauty and grace on the pictures - well respecting it cannot ever really be shown by fotos ...

Highway 120 into Yosemite
Entering YosemiteFalling Rocks can be hazardous Against the windSit back, relax, enjoy !Peace and tranquiliy
Seqouia TreesOur home is our Castle
Camping in Yosemite

Baba (who is really proud of the new biker behind him )