Dienstag, 23. September 2008

Monday 23rd September: Out of Grand Canyon into Las Vegas

What a sunrise in Grand Canyon - and how sad we must leave again.
It's back along Route 66 to Kingmen and further southwest to Topock and Needles - enjoying the most scenic part of Route 66. Destination Las Vegas keeps us going for the day. But though we keep riding all day long we have to fight our way through some pretty gusty headwinds ( Petra is mastering all these difficult windy and gusty situations like she had never done anything else in her life . Picking up my riding advices really quickly she is doing so welll with some really difficult to handle crosswinds.
Yet we only get into Las Vegs pretty late at 10 pm . But it is not only the time and being pretty fatigue from the long ride - we both feel this change from Grand Canyons natural beauty into the fully artificial showtime and gambling worlds of Las Vegas being ways to extreme , as so we could enjoy Las Vegas by any means.
So we just take a strawl through this weird mixture of tourists and addicted gamblers loosing their money to the countless casinos.
We decide to call it a nite soon - and we look forward to the deserted and again natural beauty of Death Valley tomorrow.

Good nite from Gamblin' Town Las Vegas

Baba ( who won 26 German marks as a kid and has stopped gambling ever since - be a winner )