Sonntag, 21. September 2008

Sunday 21st to Monday 23rd October: GRAAAAAAAAAAND CANYON !!!

It's the mother of all Canyons on this world , the reference to compare if you ever do that - and it is a heritage to mankind - not less than that .

It is the Grand Canyon !
Petras dream as much as mine for ages to step at he canyonridge for the first time - is just hard to find adaequate words to describe the unique mixture of changing colours during sunrise and sunset inside this monument built by nature's power over about 6 million years....If breathtakong as an expression ever fits - this is where.
So the Grand Canyon is a pretty touristy spot to hit ( and yes of course , we also are part of it - while watching the sunrise early in the morning you can simply dive into this stunning beauty and let your mind fly into a time, when this was a lonesome and deserted place . Imagine you were the first man to put a foot into here - what a wild imgination .
Both of us soaked with all these intense impressions we cannot stand the temptation to see the place from a birds view - so we jump on a helicopter flight ( its an Eurocopter by the way ) to et some of the most stunning views ever (while you should not ever think how much these guys charge you - yet its worth it.)
If you intend to do it yourself by any chance go for the first morning or the last afternoon sunset flight - anything else is loosing out for the light getting too hard).
Our lifetimeexperience gets completed watching the Grand Canyon Imax movie just outside the South entrance - an absolute must see movie ( no not at home as dvd, but in the Imax theatre) this movie shows the 1923 Powell expedition to explore the Canyon at full length for the first time rafting all the rapids and unknown dangers. You will have the most stunning movie experience from that - and we still wonder how these guys survived producing this movie.
Pics to follow soon as this connection is ways to slow to upload any now - so I know how little ofthe whole beauty a picture can be .
Another dream has come true - life is just a wonderful thing to happen !

Baba ( still flying,rafting, swimming, biking Grand Canyon.....)

I will not bother you to much with details about length and depth of the site - as interesting as this actually is - for those interested in all that please have a look here Grand Canyon National Park oh here in German