Sonntag, 14. September 2008

The Ride of Change rages on !

Ride-of-Change's main target is done - reaching the american westcoast down to California.

But the Ride ain't over yet !

For a large variety of reasons Hombre and me decide to split the tour from now on with different headings . Having reached our principle goal - making ends meet from the Panamerican Highway south with the loops end coming down from Alaska - what a wonderful experience in a mans life this was !
Hombre will now mainly travel the wild west of the States while I will try my way across the states towards having a shakehands with Miss Liberty in New York.
Beyond words this trip will always be an everlasting part of our lifetime histories - one thing we can never loose again - no matter how good, how bad and how extreme some of the things may have been , that we both went through . When you take it to the extremes you learn so much about youself as you hardly will in a regular setup - and believe us it ain't all that easy.
Yet we will not make it look as hard as some well known British actors have done it and keep doing it in their "whatever wayround" dvds. Nothing wrong with what those guys did and keep doing - but maybe we know too much of what really is on these roads . Our message is far more : You do not have to be the supertough guy to do it - if it is part of your personal dream: Go for it !
Be decided and ready to give parts of your personal security- and you will be rewarded as much as maybe never before in your life.
Our personal hero we encountered while travelling is a 76 year old German - Max from Munich. Travelling ever since 1954 in all sorts of microbuses with his wife and ever since she passed away with his little dog, we met Max in Zarubinoin Russian Far East. He had travelled the terrific Amur "Highway" in his 1989 Fiat Ducato RV in just the same time as we did iton our dirtbikes - a 2000 km mixed stretch of all bad "roads" you can get on this earth- exactly that part that some famous British acting tough guys shipped their bikes around by train ! ;-)
So there is no more excuses about age not to go for your dream - being part of what we did, just a short trip to wherever you feel is best or doing the whole thing does not matter - as long as it is part of what you dream about to do in your lifespan. and the privilege t have done this on a motorcycle is a specail one - adding to all what happened so far you will understand reading on the blog for what happened ever since we said goodbye.

We are riding on - please understand that from now on you will get Babas blog on the way to New York - just as much tkong Hombre with me as we took some of your dreams and kept them well on our backseats.

For those who stay tuned I will happily update the Blog as often as possible and say sorry for nit having been online ways too long - but trips like this one sometimes have their own itineries that keep you from updating as often as you would like to - and as you deserve it.
Thank you all for your patience and your support !