Sonntag, 14. September 2008

Sunday 14th September 2008 - San Francisco calling !

What a reunion this is to meet Petra again after so much travelling - her flight being delayed in Chicago she arrives late t night on the 13th - right in time to celebrate her birthday -
and just early enough to get my little roseflower, that i took for her birthday when we travelled through Kasachstan. If that is too much romantics fo you guys - that is what you feel after travelling through all the hassles onthe way while your prtner is sitting at home alone with all her worries about you - nd it is quite a bit that we demand from the people we love going on trips like this one, be it your family , your close friends oryour partner.

So with Petra joining into the ride-of-change for her birthday on the 13th something really special and wonderful comes true. While we were off riding through the world she decided to go for a moorcycle driving license- and she did it !
So for her birthdday there is a vey special present waiting for her - it's a Honda 600 Shadow chopper to get round the western states as far up to her personal dream - the Grand Canyon.
What a wonderful experience it is to get her into the trip - on her own bike.
Having arrived lete oa night on Saturday we take it as an easy day , strawling all over SanFrancisco with its unique and tolerant sites from Chinatown to Castro, Soma up to Fishermens wharf, back thru the Mission, passing the Opera House as well as resting in the shades of Golden Gate Park, catching many impressions of its people and soaking in the atmosphere of one of the most special cities in this world.

(Happy) Baba :-)