Freitag, 12. September 2008

Thursday 11th and Friday 12th September 2008 - 101 South to Frisco via Redwood Nationalpark

Its 101 ! It's a myth, it's a legend.
It's where almost any American biker told us to ride along.
And its reality is : Cold, foggy and - wonderful !!!

Despite the icycold foggy clouds covering most of the scenic rugged pacific coastline, only allowing a glimpse of the rocky beaches in sprse moments, it is a unique atmosphere resulting of right these fog sneaking into the coastal forests, thus feeding the Giant Sequoia trees to unseen size and a majesty of its own.
You quickly get out of the cloud and back into the sun once the road turns only few hundred meters inland - and with the the sunlight some tremendous scenerey unfolds when taking a short hike into the forests to see these more than 1000 year old giant trees - which thank god are protected in the meantime from the logging business.
In Gold Beach an interesting encounter at the public library with Lesley feeds a lot of interesting information on America and its society - only coming to you,when you allow to take time off the mileagecollecting and sit down to meet the people- isn't that what travelling finally is all about?!

Highway 101 finally comes up with another big emotional moment of this unique and incredible journey . It's crossing Golden Gate Bridge on your own bike - man, what a feeling !!!!!

It is exactly this moment that makes you feel the trip is done - ends from the Panamerican tour and ends from the Ride-of-change-2008 have finally met to close the Pacific loop.
It is done but not yet over - and with the sun setting in the west it is now :

Going to San Francisco :-)

Flowerpowerhippiegreetings from Queercity !

Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

Giant Seqouia Trees
at Redwood Nationalpark

Foggy CoastalHighway 101

Small bike meets Big Tree

101 Impressions

Oregon Coast at 101

101 Bridgescene

Morningmood on 101