Mittwoch, 10. September 2008

Wednesday10th September 2008 - PACIFIC TIME IN OREGON !

Sunny but pretty chilly in the morning, the ride goes thru Hghw. 20, 126 and 242 straight west for more than 600 kms from Juturna to Florence over Burns into Bend - and a long and strenous problem finally gets a better solution - hopefully not just replacing the old by a new problem. Finally Baba finds the longsearched but never available little Asus EEC Travelmate PC - just 16 GB of Flashmemory, no more harddrive, a wireless connector and a real if somewhat small keyboard - the end of typing textmessagelike on the mobilephone for hours - adding some really small dimensions, 1 GB RAM and a 900 Mhz Intel Celeron this seems to be the ultimate travelcompanion for a dirtbike ! Good enough there is no salestax in Oregon and a strong Euro travelling with us these days . Its a real bargainbuy.

As if this was not yet good enough for to make the day - Mc Kenzie Pass is next ! Being an extremly scenic pass up and down both sides the real surprise shows up , when you hit the topsummit - running into a rugged and wild volcanic landscape and the first redwood trees descending to the west, put into scene most awsome by the setting sun and following Sisulaw River down to the sea.
This day is a gracious one, leading the route to getting to Kirbys and Gerties RV Park in Florence- fr those who might pass there this is the adress : Hansen Kirby, Siuslaw Marina At Cushman Suislaw Rv & Marina 6516 Highway 126Florence Phone: (541) 997-3254 or 97439-9221
Kirby and his wife are just some more wonderful Americans . Asking for a tentsite only its ending up with a dinner invitation, wonderful icecream and an offer to sleep in their guests Caravan rather than putting up the tent in the cold and wet misty night , which sneaks slowly across the campsite - ah, bythe way - that is not just any mist - its the Pacific again .
How wonderful people keep treating you with open arms and hearts all over !if only you approach them in an open manner yourself.

Sleeping with the pacific waves its good nite for now !

From Bend to Burns


Up Mc Kenzie Pass

Sunset down Mc Kenzie
to Florence