Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Monday 27th October 2008 : and riding on a pitbull

Time to say Good Bye to the bikes - not at all easy after having ridden more than 48000 kms round the world. But fortunately there is Greg , Dennis and the Berklay Cargo Team (also known as or the ) in Long Island.
Wherever you start asking all over the States about reliable people and companies to ship your bike back home or anywhere on earth - you finally end up with Greg, Dennis and their team.
Once finding them in Long Island ( fairly easy and you do not have to run in downtowns peak traffic ) it is again running into great American people helping along .
It is quick to sort out the bikes- just disconnecting the battery, taking out all flammable and possibly explosive fluids and aerosoles ( all this due to airlines safety regulations also applying on your personal flight luggage), filling and signing some forms and paying a very fair and resonable price - especially when you consider the bikes will be home within one week as close to your hometown as can be. Besides there's no hassles about crading the bike or transporting it down south from a seaport all through Germany - being another 2-3 days off for that)
Best of all : Greg and Dennis offer a 100$ discount on anybody who does their shipping with them telling them that you got to them through the Ride-of-Change.
Now there's no more excuses not to go - and if you are thinking to buy a bike in the States - talk to them before you do anything - they are an endless source of knowledege about all you have to know about it.
It was great meeting you Berklay people - thank you so much for all !

This is.....
...the friend !
Greg from Berklay and .....
look who's back !

These guys are bikers from their heart - an if all that they've done already would not have been enough - they even organize the lift back home - but that is much more than just a lift .
It's much more the privilege of riding back home with Sal Di Feo - a longtime motorcycle dealer from Long Island . Sitting in and sharing the front of his truck on the way with his 65 pound Pitbull male Chico is a funny ride - Chico trying to get out of the back to be the "driver" this dog is pure strength and muscles - how happy am I he is a really nice and peaceful character.
On the way home Sal shows us part of his incredible somehundred motorcycle collection.
Nick Mason of Pink Floyd and many other celebrities having been his clients as a dealer, he is a biker and collector from the bottom of his heart It was a pleasure to meet you Sal - and if we make it to be as fit as you once turning 82 - we will be just happy bikers too.
So you see guys : Bikes keep you young - physically and at heart. Let's see how we can get biking on a medical prescription ;-)

No Chico - I am NOT going to kiss you

Baba (still happy Chico was such a nice character)