Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008

Tuesday 28th October 2008 : Thank you wonderful Rosenberg Family

It is never easy to end a travelling project as was the Ride-of-Change!
After all that was part of this trip - the one thing that made it as special as it was were -


And as to deepen this unique and wonderful experience to the very end of this trip we are privileged to spent the most wonderful time one can have in New York -
with the one and only Rosenberg-Family in Long Island :-)
Guess there is not enough space on this Blog here to put down all the
Thank Yous you deserve for all you did for us.

It is great people like you what makes travelling round the world so rewarding and you will very much understand when we write to you :

LIFE IS VERY WONDEFUL - because you are there !

Thank you so much for all your unbelievable hospitality - thus representing one more time all the good that happened on this ride around the globe adding a final and so very special impression to take home with.
Regardless of nations, religions, ethnic groups or political ideas - people like you and all the other great people along make this world a better place and worth to live in.

Hombre and BABA