Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

Saturday 4th October to Sunday 5th October -Rainy Days in Paradise

Saturday 4th October:
Not even Zions Grandezza could stop this one from going down on us - one of the almost forgotten coldfronts has found its way through the northern deserts right into the canyonlands of the Colorado Plateau - so this simply gets a grey, dull and cold day on the campsite - giving a break to prepare reading and catching up writing some of the blog, detecting an open wireless net and a dry place outside on a terrace, hardly shelterd from the rain.

Weatherforecast from Monday onwards is good enough to stand the rain for another day to see the oncoming sites like Zion, Bryce, Arches and Monument Valley in all their sunny beauty.

Thats a bloggers life .... but with a backgroundcanyonwall like this even the rain look nice in a way :-)

Rainbloggers are better lovers :-)

650 Reunion at Zion

Panamerican bound
and waterproof !
Nicole & Stefan
from Switzerland
We keep standing the nasty and cold weather - and at night I could experience te difference from my alright-in-dry-not usty-conditions-WalMart-cheapy-tent to a real quality one.
It felt prety much like the bottom of Grand canyon when the rain started to soak insid the tent - forming little patches of water, then minor creeks and finally small riverlike floodings .
Happy enough I could cover it up with my large plstic foil and therefor save my stuff and sleepingbags dry finally at least.
Yet Stefan, Nicole and me having a lot of fun cooking and playing the settles underneath our rainshelter. Even more after we meet Lisa and Guy from Australia

who are up their way from Southamerica , and on top Patrick and Margerie.
Patrick is travelling the States now for 15 months on a 650 GS while Margerie gets round on her car for a couple of months. So there is finally 4 650 GS on the spot :-) We never stop all our travellertalks and have a great barbecue at night - and best of all the rain has stopped !
Sunday 5th of October
The Rain has gone and the sun is back ! That is when Zions beauty get simply stunning.
Get some impressions before Nicole, Stefan and me travel on together towards Bryce Canyon....

The SUN is back !
Happy Zion Bikers