Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

Monday 6th October: From paradise to.....Paradise ! Zion meets Bryce

Out of Zion - time to say Good Bye to Lisa and Guy (them heading towards Mexico and trying to sell their ELVIS-Truck that they had bought in Memphis Tennessee- good luck you guys ) and eastbound out of Zion Park. With BLUE skies back over paradise this is simply another fantastic ride through a spectacular canyonvalley. Nicole, Stephan and me keep riding another stretch together up to Bryce Canyon.
We enjoy our mutual company very much andits just a great time to spend with the two - them being on a heading that I had ridden myself many years ago - the Panamericn Highway. I feel pretty happy for them having that ahead :-)

Little bikerfan Aron in Zion
who wants to ravel trough Africa with me

89 North through Orderville and Glendale takes us further up to Bryce before it's an easterly right turn on to Highway 12 towards Bryce.
Easily missed by some folks the smallish but stunning Red Canyon site lies next to the road - agin well worth a stopover.
Red Canyons
We find ourselves a decent campsite inside the park - and cannot wait to get closer to the Bryce Canyon itself. Whilst Nicole and Stefan keep sorting out their stuff I decide to go for a ride to the canyonridge, the sun already being pretty setting -and it is gettting really cold quickly - but who cares :-)
And that was part of the reward for getting through the cold.....

( tomorrow it's gonna be out of the tent for sunrise at Bryce Canyon - how cold is that gonna be ? )