Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008 : The boys are back in town !

What a fantastic feeling is that - after all the countless wonderful and so warmhearted special people on this trip - there is two wonderful and longing familys waiting for us at Frankfurt/Main Airport, once we get there after having flown from New Yorks La Guardia Airport to Washington and Chicago Ohare thereafter .

Lake Michigan withCHICAGO

All this we once again could do due to Jenny and Joe Rosenberg`s so wonderful ways to help us along, dealing with Air India ( who simply hung up on me calling them 3 times) and Joe taken us to the Airport 6.30 am wednesday morning in New York rush hour.
Sounds so little, but was so much help for us - how much do we look forward to have you in Germany next time....

So all this working out soooooo well we finally touchdown back home Thursday morning at 10.30 am. Happy about so much good on the road - and just as happy to meet our wonderfull folks at home - helping us all along the way through so many hassles - we would never have got trough it all - without YOU. You brought us up to what we have become - and youkept and will keep us going.
You are the greatest treasure in both our lives -
Thank you all as deep as a thank you can ever be !

" Where do we go next, Baba ? "

The Ride-of-Change-Families

Hombre and Baba

Life's gotta be great-not long

You want more ? Please check for the ongoing updates for missing text and pictures. There will be frequently new updates now - start with the Bryce canyon stories at : Ice in Bryce !

A proper "UPDATES" -Button will be installed at the homepage soon - so will I put up the picture galleries to link them here - and guess what this simply wonderful friend Robert did, while we were on tour - he has already prepared most of this !!!
(Thank you buddy once again on this very spot !! Your friend and best man Baba )