Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008

Wednesday 15th October : Bike on the rocks in Santa Fe at 2400 m !

It's there again -- the white stuff all over the bike at 6.30 in the morning - ICE !
As cold as the day starts out at 2400 m in Santa Fe New Mexico, the wonderful staff at BMW Santa Fe makes it feel much warmer by their friendly welcome to service the bike - a really good place to go when you pass by - that's how a dealership should feel like - meeting bikers who have travelled themseves a lot on bikes . Thank you all again Andee, Gordon, Alejo and all you other people for squeezing my bike in just out of the row.
Once I put my bike back all together and having chatted to so many wonderful people in and around the shop again ( Hey Blythe and Fritz - yes you are two of these great people) I put on some 300 kms Southeast towardas Texas, before I find myself a really basic motelplace to sleep another cold night. Lucky enough fixing my Bike in Santa Fe let the rainy coldfront move forward to the East - right were I wanna go- but good enough its a day ahead of me . quite a ood reason not to travel too fast , to stay right west of the rain.
Santa Fe is a nice change in the scenery to come in from Colorado. Most of the buildings set up in the Mexican pueblo Adobestyle and based at 2400 m altitude it is quite a different setup to all American cities so far - and I can pretty much use my Spanish again, as this is just as widely used as English, the city being so close to the Mexican Border,
Having had a rather short night yesterfay its time to say Good Night to all of you now and hit the bed, as tomorrows gonna be a long rididng day east into Texas and Oklahoma all thru Highway 40 East, as I have to make some mileage t get to NY in time without rushing it all.

Good Nite from Baba