Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Ride your boat ! What a weekend ...

Can you imagine - there is more for bikers to do on a weekend than riding a bike :-) Especially when the streets get packed with traffic, the air gets boiling hot and Germany faces the Argentinian side for the quarterfinals. So the decision was an easy one to pack out the RED RACE ZULUBOAT and paddle across the Forggenlake. Facing Bavarian mad King Ludwigs worldfamous Neuschwanstein Castle, sailboats all over the lake and some few paragliders up in the nearby mountains.

And the very best was yet to come - just we could not know it .

Planning to cross the lake after the first couple of miles towards the public viewing site , we finally ran out of time a bit to be in time for the finals . As we faced some serious current and some crosswinds to get from the eastern banks to the southen tip of the lake. It was some major physical effort - but we made it to become part of the great Germany-Argentina 4:0 party . Keep on going like this , guys !

Crossing back to the eastern banks like a whistleblowing VUVUZELA STEAMSHIP we spend a marvellous nite, camping out with a terrific sunset next to our campfire - and waking up with the silence of the next morning.

Those are the days of our lives !