Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010


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Sorry to all bikers who are not into the Soccerfinals - but there was too much a good reason to at least post one thread to Southafrica. Baba and Hombre having spent some intense time of their medical life in Southafrica - to Baba it offered longterm friends since 1994 . Having met some of the greatest people ever in the Zululands in and around Durban ( yes, this is to the Deppes, Hohls and Arnold families as much as to Lynn, Maggy, Rick, Tracy, Manny , Tom and all Swaziland friends ) Southafrica always took me to the extremes - how close a countrys beauty and sometimes unbearable violence can only be, Southafrica is one of the most stunning places to go to - and again besides all its overwhelming natural richness and beauty - it has been and still is for its people , I keep missing it .

But back to the finals another remarkable happening has become part of soccers history : ( Up front I apologize to all British friends....) .but suffering since 44 years from the Wembley goal in 1966 - SOUTHAFRICA has put up a NEW WEMBLEY ! ;-) And just as a little proof I feel the need, to add some definite evidence, why we beat the English side by 4:1 - take it easy guys, we enjoy to have you in the finals for another 44 years - to share the spirit - just not the cup :-)

BABA blows the vuvuzela.....

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