Montag, 6. Juni 2011

UP and DOWN – the roads of Germany

Summer ahead of us brought back some chilling experience of last years bow and drum sessions out in the fields - with Petras rhythm in the back and the alps surrounding us - this is really relaxing - give it a try , if you can :-)

Next to come in June was a wonderful 1500 km bikers-family-roundtrip through Germany, taking Petra and me first to my brothers new home in Schweinfurt, in the wine region of Frankonia. Thus being forced for some serious winetasting ;-) next day we went up quite a stretch north to the Sauerland Region in Northwestern Germany . In the scenic small city of Schmallenkirchen Petras sister with her husband and family recently have bought an old cornmill to rebuild the place and start a hotel and Café-business in the nearby future . Maybe we get a newbikers meeting point up there ? Hopefully !

By all means the petty forerested area is a warm recommendation for all bikers to visit , as you will find many splendid, small and curvy roads in excellent condition – as always , most likely if you are ready to leave the beaten track and turn right and left off the major roads. Give it a ry if you get there- maybe you meet some of our young fellow bikers , that I took for a joyride on my “almighty" .

On our way back we passed my moms place in Heidelberg with a big “Hello” and a warm welcome , only a mom can give to you . Coming home is alays a good and uniqiue place to be – no matter, how far you may have travelled – home is home .

All this was highlighted by great and sunny weather, making it an even greater trip with the very last 50 kms pouring down – no matter how wet we got by the very end – it was a great trip through one of the most beautiful countries I have come across – Germany. And is there better friends to meet than your family ?

BABA - still swinging over the roads of Germany