Sonntag, 15. April 2012

GO WEST - Shem , Misha and Ivan will leave Kemerovo soon

Howdy to the bikers out there -

summers ahead and good news to start soon :  Our friends from Kemerovo in Siberia , Shem, Ivan and Misha will leave Siberia on the 25th of April to go West all the way to Samara in Ucraine. From there they will carry on to the Bikerfest in the village of  Molovat near Kishenev / Chisinau in Moldavia. This is where we will also meet Julya and Irina from Kemerobo, who will fly into Odessa to meet us in Moldavia.

So the Siberian riders will have about 5000 km to go west , while we will go about 2500 kms east . What an outlook to the nearby future. We will leave Germany early on the 13th to meet each other on the way east - make our way all through the Czech and Slovakian mountains via Hungary to the northern Carpates and the Bukovina in Romania . From there to Moldavia to meet our friends and the great local bikers of Moldavia of the MCC MOTORLIFE.

Before that we need a bit of luck to get trough the Romanian mountains without snow - like I had it back again, when I was setting my valves, changing oils and synchronizing my throttle flaps last weekend. 15 cm of snowy white powdersnow - including minus 5° C again in the workshop. But that was nice and cozy compared to the  -24° C in January ;-)

But no one will stop the summer now - it´s bikertime again !

Good luck and `Good Road ´to our Siberian friends for your long way west !

Hatt, Ala, Sonja, Heinrich, Piltzi, Nico, Petra and Baba - we see you all  in Moldavia !