Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Hatt Sommer – the saviour of Japans Fukushima nuclear disaster

Well, folks . I will easily understand , if you do not believe the following story. I first could not imagine, what Petra and me came across, when Hatt told us his personal Fukushima story. He showed us proof of all he told us by all the emailtraffic he performed then.

And we only now know and understand , our friend has contributed very essentially , to stop the ongoing
nuclear meltdown in the Fukushima nuclear plants, saving Japan and its people from the even much worse outcome, that otherwise would most likely have resulted. Driven by the GIER of irresponsible TEPCO management and blinded political supporters.

When things
by the time of the earthquaking Tsunami developed to a point of technical helplessness of the responsible forces, authorities called worldwide for technical support and ideas to solve the major problem of cooling down the reactors. One of the main problems by the time was to supply sufficient loads of water and how to transport them to the reactors constantly. At this stage Hatt stepped into the scene. Being a very skilled engineer himself he contacted a major German company producing special concrete pumps. Suggesting his technical approach to the company responsibles , they were neither willing nor interested to support his solution approach.

But Hatt would not be him if he had simply given up. He finally got a contact to the withdrawn family
senior-CEO of the company. Him finally realized the technical competence in Hatt´s plans and made the company staff go for it . All the rest is readable history. How by Hatts plans the nuclear reactors in Fukushima could be cooled down and controlled again . Saving countless lives - and leaving a minimum of hope to the people of Fukushima and Japan.

Hatt is nobody to walk around and make big news on what he did. Even less a financial profit, though he invested a lot of his worktime into the planning. But we think , the world should know more of one of its silent heroes – not only building brilliant motorcycle gear – but bridges for the world to walk on. We feel proud to know you as our friend , Hatt.

In honour of a great engineer and friend - Hatt Sommer

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