Sonntag, 21. August 2011


 …as promised in May´s blogging Petra and me decided , to see more of the Oremountains in Saxonia , visit Moni and Manfred in Struppen near Dresden and enjoy a chilling ride in and out of Czech all the way east to the so called Elbsandstein mountains near Dresden.

Sometimes it seems difficult to imagine all that can happen within 10 days , yet it does. Thus showing us how much adventure and great people we can meet pretty close next door – with no need to travel all the long way around the world – but to simply open our eyes and minds wide enough to see with our hearts : “It´s only the heart to see properly “ is what St. Exupéry´s Little Prince told us once . Still very true.

Just A highlight to pass by on our way to Petras Parents and the almightys new shocks was the pittoresque HUNDERTWASSER Tower in Abensberg LINK . And yes we confess here and now : We did not climb up this time – as we were pretty tired from the final day of the safety training at 35° Celsius with no shade to hide – plus we had another 250 kms to go from where we started to make it to Petras parents. But we know this place o be near enough to get back there another day. 3 hours later we got to the tiny little village of Atzmansberg – including a big Hello with Petras family and a cold wheat beer – do not miss this if you make it to Bavaria . As much as ist sounds like a cliché and as liitle as we drink it regularly – but German beer definitely still is one of many good reasons to come and check the place ;-)

BABA ( beerdrinker and hellracer :-) )
but never ever drunken driving - even less on bikes !