Montag, 22. August 2011

New WP EDS II electronic suspension for the ALMIGHTY

Whilst Petra is chilling out a day with her folks I have an early morning appointment with our friends at WP Germany in Neutraubling. Despite the almighty still felt pretty stable and fast , when we rode the Italin Trentino mountains and passes – I could see, feel and even more hear it from the edges of my panneers – almost any major curve and definitely each serpentine first started with an always increasing scratchy sound of either the left or right front edge , getting louder still and eventually lifting and levering off the bikes rear tyre of the road – at least what was left over of it after the Italian speed orgy with Domingo, Kare and Sepp .

So before my new nickname “Chief Glowing Edge” kept spreading further, I had to decide about how to ride on with the Almighty into Saxonia. And despite al temptation I felt to by a new bike ( especially there was this “I-should-well-reward-myself-for-long-2-years-of-remote-study-and-passing-a-final-maserexam-feeling” – guess you can imagine how these feelings comes and grabs you )- but when I first sat back on my old faithful companion in May this year, including her new clutch, reverted starter and gear box and partially renewed camshaft drive ( it all still worked –but for my latest Danubian adventure I paid a certain BMW-learners-lesson) .

When I did so , listening to the powerful sound and strength of that engine with permanent torque and always enough power – all the good memories the Almighty and me share in the meantime convinced me to say – NO REAL NEED FOR ANOTHER BIKE.

And after this was even improved by my new Borbro seat – everything was back to regular – just not the front and rear shocks – they had done a brilliant job for 96000 kms in serious conditions – but now it was time for a change !

So what can I say about the incredible WP –Team what I did not say before ? As much when we were touring round the world in 2008 this team is a source of joy to work with : I got up early morning to be there in time for our early morning date. And Christian,Klaus and Bernhard would not even let me touch a single screw to fit the new Electronic EDS II system onto the Almighty . Sit down , have some coffee and a lot of good bikers chat and enjoy your brandnew suspension just a few hours later. That is WP !

And my first testride on the new system immediately showed, that this was not only a superb service by the team – but also a great new shock and suspension performance – The almighty is back on track – and there was 10 days of highlevel testriding ahead of us now on our way through Saxonia and Czech. So if you guys consider a new suspension performance for your GS – give the WP EDS II a try - it is worth it.

Bringing in an additional 1-2 cm suspension height I meanwhile have the pleasure to combine this with another excellent improvement for the GS. The new BORBRO seat . When some debile scooteridiot obviously destroyed my old seat punching 2 holes inside ( hey scooterboy – we always meet twice ) I had to look for either repairing the old seat ( not a real choice though) or getting a new seat.

That is how by accident I came along some forum news about Gabor from Hungary, who is building brandnew seats in all different heights at a totally fair price – and as quality reports were good , we got in contact via email . Thus I met another great biker from Hungary, who made it possible to send me a brandnew , excellent quality seat in time to use it for the Saxonia trip – and believe me – I should have had such a seat 29 years ago, when I started riding bikes.

Totally comfortable, in my version 5 cm higher than the original vesion, antislip material and fitting right from the spot. Even “Iron butts” like mine enjoy the new position on the bike, a very relaxed knee angle and a much better riding position – all this for 218 € including DHL-transport- and leaving your old seat completely with you . And without knowing each other Gabor send me the seat just on a trust base from biker to biker – wonder , where in business life you still get that ? Thank you Gabor for your trust !

After various long 8-12 hour rides in the recent weeks the seat was an excellent buy – and an easy recommendation at an unbeatable price – unless you prefer to spend tons of money on overprized gear ? Check Gabors site – it’s a very good quality start up – and you get seats in various hights , colours and models .

Baba ( happy bikers butt onboard )